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When the movie Hitman came out, I remember thinking it looked like the stupidest movie ever.  But now that my husband's almost been gone three months, and I've been deprived of testosterone, all of a sudden the movie seemed like a great idea.  A really great idea.  I watched it last night, and...sigh...I was right.  Muscles, 100-yard stares, men kicking butt and taking names.  Delightful.

I remember when Butterfly Wife wrote a post about her testosterone void, asking, "So what's a girl to do?"  I answered that Rocky III and Tombstone helped me out the last time.  Hitman helped last night.  And I'm saving 300 for a rainy day, when I really, really need it.

So let's hear it, ladies.  What movies help you through the deployments?

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