Thank Goodness I have 2 ID's....


I was going rifling through my purse the other day, when I noted my driver's license would expire on my birthday.  This was actually pretty good timing as we have just transferred out of state, and I would need one anyway.

However, I realized I had 3 hours to do so.


I was getting ready to take The Collective to the pool, and so I had my hair in a chippy clip thingy, no makeup, and ratty clothes, complete with swimsuit straps under them. 

I hopped into the car and headed out.  About half way out of town I realized this was a "permanent" photo.  One I would whipping out of my wallet every five seconds in order to prove my identity. 

No makeup, hair not did....and a photo op. 

I went  ahead and did it, even though getting a photograph sans makeup goes against every sane bone in my body.

The only reason I had it done?  The Military ID I carry.  I can use it, and if things get bad, I can resort to the "other one"....

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