Vacation: Military Family Style

I recently returned from a 2 week vacation with my kids at my in-laws... and no DH.  Before you gasp with horror - I actually LOVE my in-laws! 

DH has been TDY for about 6 weeks and I had a really strange sense of "feeling bad" that I was taking a vacation and he was not.  It wouldn't have been so bad, considering I do most of my traveling when he is gone (haven't figured out why yet), but this TDY has been beyond miserable for DH.  Things seem to be getting better for him lately, but the first month was really.... um..... crappy.

I won't give all the details of his "adventure" on TDY, but let me just share a few things that happened that really set the summer off on the wrong foot:

Week 1.  Someone broke in to DH's motel room and stole all of his medications.  And DH isn't on just any every day med... he still takes meds for nerve pain and other meds (from being wounded) that could make someone some money on the street.  Fortunately he was able to get more meds and no one, as far as I know, has tried to break in again.  Maybe the fact that he bought some sort of safe he told me he was going to bolt into the floor (what?!) was a deterrent.

Week 2.  Phone call from DH.DH:  Honey, did you get my message on your cell phone that I went to the ER?Me:  WHAT!?  Are you okay???  My cell phone has been dead for 2 days (note to self... charge cell phone).DH:  Well, I'm okay now so don't worry.(My thoughts):  You shoulda said that to begin with!  Geez!!!Me:  I'm glad you are okay.  Why did you go to the ER?DH:  My leg was bothering me.  They checked it out and said it was fine.  I was told to go back tomorrow if it was still bothering me.  But then they called me back to go in again because I could have a blood clot.Me:  Oh My Gosh!  Are you okay for sure?DH:  They did an MRI, said I didn't have a clot, but to come back in if it still hurts because I could be developing a clot.Me:  So you're sure you are okay?  And you PROMISE me you will go back if it still hurts?!DH:  Of course I will.(My thoughts):  You damn well better not try to be Mr. Macho Man!!!

As far as I know... DH's leg is okay.

Sometime in week 3 or 4 I got an e-mail from DH titled. "I may be home sooner than I thought."(My thoughts):  AWESOME!!!Then I read the e-mail.No details can really be given here regarding the e-mail.  Let's just say DH and his boss (while TDY) don't exactly see eye-to-eye... on ANYthing!So far DH has not been sent home, has not been arrested, has not been "fired," nor kicked out of the Army.  That's a good thing... right?

So I took my two week vacation with my kids and in-laws, sans DH, and had a great and exhausting time.  I did have some days when I felt kinda down in the dumps because DH was miserable and not sharing the vacation with us.  So I would venture out into the Atlantic Ocean and get my butt kicked by some waves while boogie-boarding.  And it was fun!!!


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