Happy Birthday, America

I find the Fourth of July a bittersweet holiday - perhaps I'm the only one.  But while I'm reminded on this day how lucky I am to be an American, I'm also thinking about those who have come before me and gave everything so that I could live free.  I'm so grateful to be here, but I owe everything to those we remember on Memorial Day.

I had originally planned to embed the videos here, but my techno not-smartness intervened so follow the link:

The National Anthem

Two more amazing videos after the jump.

This is my favorite version of the National Anthem ever.  Maybe it is because I grew up listening to Motown with my mother. 

My favorite version of the National Anthem ever.

And finally, this song isn't our National Anthem, but I think you'll agree with me that sometimes it might as well be!  I've seen people get more teared up hearing this song than any other...

Proud to be an American

Have a happy and blessed Fourth of July.  I'm so proud to be "related" to all of you in our military family!

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