Happy Birthday, LCPL Dark Prince


My darling son,Where you are, it's  your birthday and you've turned 22.  I don't know where the time went.  When did you get so "adult"?

I remember the night before you were born.  I knew you were coming and had your dad come home from TBS.  We had BBQ.  I threw it up.  Gross, right?  Funny the things that you remember.I won't bore you with the details of labor.  One day, you'll be in your Dad's shoes and you'll know.  We'll share a beer, you and I, and talk about it as we celebrate the arrival of your first child and my first (gulp) grandchild.

The thing that I want you to know is, Dark Prince, that your birth changed my life in so many ways.  You changed my life for the better, in case you don't understand.  You made me grow up. As a matter of fact, we kind of grew up together.  I wouldn't trade one day of that growing up process.  Even the difficult days were better than not having you around.  I don't think I tell you that often enough.  I'll make sure to do better with that from now on.

I remember what a great baby you were.  You were always so happy in the morning when I came in to get you up.  You'd bounce around your bed and smile like the world was perfect because Mom was right there.  I miss those days.  Your smile really hasn't changed in all of these 22 years and I miss it too. 

You used to be in hog heaven when I'd put on "Wheel of  Fortune".  Twice a day, you'd squeal with glee. I don't know if it was Vanna White or the spinning wheel.  It really doesn't matter now.  Whatever it was made you very happy.  When you were happy, I was too.

We went through Dad deploying many times over the years.  I know it wasn't easy for you any more than it was easy for me or your sisters to have Dad gone.   We all got through it.  And now it's you deployed and Dad is the one that's home (well, not now, he's off on a trip and won't be home until Saturday).  He misses you too.   It is kind of weird.   

Sometimes, I get frustrated because I don't hear from you very often.  I know that you're busy.  I wish I heard from you more though.  I know that you count on me to just "embrace the suck" like I have done with your dad.Deal.  I will do that.  I will count on you to call me when you actually can.  Okay?

So, happy birthday, Kiddo.  Stay busy, keep your head in the game and come home safe and sound.  We're halfway there.I love you.  Mom

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