Friends -- best measured by the "cup"


Life.  Mostly uneventful when measured by the year or the decade.  Probably because we have been taught and have learned to: adapt, attempt to better, improve, sometimes get-along, but ultimately, to simply accept and press ahead--Life can be like a kitchen.  Sometimes it takes all we have, to do these things all-the-while keeping an eye out for everyone wandering in and out of our Kitchen of Life: our spouses, our kids, our pets, our neighbors, our parents ... and we end up hauling around those fancy stainless steel Williams-Sonoma pots w/ the silicone non-skid bottoms, full of all of these things we're keeping an eye on as that's how we Chef's in the Kitchen of Life, manage.  ... even when we're not feeling too Chef-like.

And by the time we've made it to the end of the day clean-up, reflection sets-in.  As we're cleaning up our Kitchen of Life, putting away the measuring spoons, cutting boards, and knives and with the last bit of energy to muster, we've hauled out the trash -- it's with that almost casual look up to the stars you suddenly realize one more day has gone by, and again we have forgotten to, didn't get around to, ran out of steam, got too busy to ... remember our friends ...

For the life of me I can't figure out why, but My Kitchen of Life, has been over-the-top busy of late.  We're not moving, The Boss isn't deploying for a bit; yet without fail, each evening I know I've forgotten to say "hi" to those friends that are dearest; friends that can be measured by the precious one-cup-serving.  For me, it's the gals that are the SpouseBUZZ authors -- they are simply the best.  My (measuring) cup runneth over with these friends who are patiently waiting to pull up a stool just to talk.  They've accepted the Toad's Kitchen as-is, where-is, without reservation; but, for the life of them, they can't figure out where the Toad "is."

So, are those stools in your Kitchen of Life, empty?  We all know and understand it gets busy and the dishwasher is deployed, but don't wait too long before reaching out to your friends, wherever they may be, and inviting them back in to your Kitchen.  Yes, measure life by the year or decade, but measure your friends by the precious amount that they are; don't let the weeks turn to months.  Drop 'em a note, invite 'em over for a touch of wine ... even if it is served from a SB beer mug ...

I've Missed you gals more than you'll ever know.  Kitchen door's unlocked, come on in and grab a stool.  Now, to the 200+ emails... (c:]  ... Over & Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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