"Call of the Highland Moon"


I know, you're thinking it sounds like something I'd do on a full moon to let out my frustrations at the deployment gremlins, right?!?!?!  Actually, it's the title of a book we were asked to review because it was written by a military spouse author!

I'm not a literary critic and I've spent most of my time reading very dull factual books about medical stuff, TriCare, VA benefits, wounded warrior programs and finding out about Robert's Rules (yawn!).  So, when my son needed surgery, Andi wisely suggested that I take a moment and free the mind with some 'lighter' stuff - romance novel in question.

Here's the basis of the story from the editors' note...

"In the haunting Scottish Highlands, one werewolf destined to be his clan's next Alpha decides to chance fate and run away to upstate New York.  Running into trouble and wounded in his wolf form, he never expects to find his soul mate so far from home......

Gideon runs away from his duty to his clan to upstate NY and has every intention of returning home when a snow storm leaves him stranded.  Attacked by a group of rogue wolves working for a strange and unknown enemy with endless amounts of power, Gideon trudges his way to a doorstep, leading him into the care of Carly, owner of a tiny romance book shop.

While Carly hasn't had much luck when it comes to her own romances, but she has a great way with animals.  Carly takes home what she think is an injured dog and treats his wounds, but wakes up to discover a devastatingly handsome man in her bed.  Trapped together in the storm, the pair realizes they have found true love.  Struggling with her own fate, Carly is given a tough decision: becoming a werewolf and taking on the task of protecting mankind from an evil otherworld, or giving up the one man she has ever truly loved."

Well, that's how it begins.  It's an interesting and, oddly enough, tangled story.  I liked the way the author (Kendra Leigh Castle) used the words to evoke images of the Scottish Highland, mystery, fantasy (it is a werewolf story after all!) and intrigue.  I don't read much of this genre, but I liked the way she writes.  I needed something to take me beyond the walls of the hospital and into a bit of escapism - the book did that for me.  Sometimes we just need to not think. 

I'm really into words, how to use them, how to make people think of things in a powerful and meaningful way.  I'm not into Sci-Fi, werewolves, or stuff like that - but I've got a lot of Irish in me too!  If you are looking for an escapism novel for the poolside this summer - I'd recommend the book.  It's not tough to read and the story is fun and light! Plus, it's only $6.99

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