A picture is worth a thousand words


In this day and age of digital photography and easily-affordable cameras, we ALL take pictures. Lots of pictures. I wonder if military families - in an effort to document lives that are often lived apart from extended family members - take more than the average family?

MacGyver has always been into photography. He loves cameras and has many of them. For Christmas, his parents gave US (and I had to remind him that they gave US) a Nikon D40. Up until that point, I had just been using a little Canon point-and-shoot digital camera. But now that I have the D40, I am looking to improve the quality of the photos I take. I'm reading everything I can get my hands on and scouring the 'net to dig up tutorials.

I'm also working on learning a little bit about Adobe's Photoshop but, for now, I prefer using the freeware program PhotoScape. It's been the easiest and most intuitive of the programs I've tried out.

So what kind of camera do you have? Are you working on learning more about how to use it and how to improve your photography skills? What photo editing program do you use?

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