Wii Whine


Lancelot's birthday was a couple of weeks ago and he wanted a Wii.  The man really never asks for gifts like this so, of course, he got it!!! 

Oh.my.god.....where to begin?

For starters, I highly recommend the Wii Sports package.  It really is lots of fun, easy to set up and use.   Everyone can use it from ages 4-84 and beyond.  That's the plus. 

Here are the downsides:

My family room is now the Wii arena.  The sofas and coffee table are pushed against the wall because you need room to move around while playing Wii.  The dog's bed is located right by the tv and she resents the Wii so much that she's taken to sleeping in the dining room.  The cat hates Wii tennis with all the swinging and jumping around.  He went missing and was finally located in the back part of the basement.  He'd never done that before.  All it takes to clear him out of the room is to pick up the Wii remote and he's out of there.

If the celing fan survives Wii, I will be shocked.

My anniversary present, the high def, flat screen tv, has been hijacked by the Wii and it's worshippers.  I've taken to watching tv upstairs during the marathon bowling, golf, tennis and boxing tournaments.

It's a little distracting when I'm trying to work on something and Lancelot is upstairs playing tennis.  Thump! Thump!  Thump-a-thump!!!!  (This is a minor one but I noticed it yesterday....)

Let me tell you...if those two Nintendo dudes show up at my door and say,"Wii want to play"..they're going to get more than they bargained for....

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