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What IS it about the summer that stirs up the desire to cram the fam in the car and DRIVE? Is it an urge that is stronger in military families? Or is it just me?

We've been at our current duty station for 3.5 years so, mentally, my brain is ready to move. Military life has conditioned me to anticipate a move every 2-3 years. That isn't happening this time and my poor brain didn't know what to do with itself. Until Macgyver came down on TDY orders for the summer.


I decided that a road trip would be a good idea (stop laughing). But,because we live on a turd in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, thiswould be no ordinary road trip. Add to that the fact that, because weare relatively remote, it's been a year+ since I last saw the majorityof my mainland friends and family. So not only did I start planning atrip to the mainland, I added 2700+ miles of driving to the itinerary.

Stop laughing.

So the kids and I flew from our turd to the West Coast for a whopping36 hours before hopping on another plane and flying east. And now theREAL fun begins. 2700+ miles in a pregnant rollerskate (have you SEENgas prices???) with a 4 year old who averages 19 questions in a60-second timeframe and a 6.5 year old who will be LUCKY to see 7 inaddition to 3 suitcases, 3 backpacks, 2 sleeping bags, and a laptopcomputer whose battery gives me all of about 27 minutes of batterylife. At least I remembered to bring my iPod and FM transmitter.

STOP laughing. I'll keep you posted!

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