Remember That Time?


Today my kids shocked me.  I know, I know - with Air Force Kids, how could I ever be shocked at anything that they say or do?  I should resign myself to the realization that shock is the normal state of being for us all.

Also surprisingly, they did not shock me with what they did, but with what they remembered - something that happened when they weren't even there.

You see, I had to go to a promotion ceremony with AFG, and this promotion was quite the big deal as it was for someone becoming an 06.  Things went okay through the ceremony - I sat and stood when I was supposed to and didn't fall over, drool, catch my skirt in the back of my pantyhose, or smell weird. 

That right there was better than can be expected from me, usually.

In fact, I went through the receiving line with everyone else (and let me tell you - it was a long receiving line!  There were COUSINS there, too!).  I was darn proud of myself... until I was informed that I had a very large booger on my nose.

It was there through the whole receiving line.  A giant booger.  On me.  While I was oblivious.  People shook my hand and I thought they were looking me in the eye, but they were probably staring at my enormous booger.

To this day I have taken that lesson to heart and will examine my nose several times when I am in public to make sure I'm not hauling Texas Emeralds around on my face.

Today as the kids and I were leaving the gym, I made a quick detour to hit the bathroom, blow my nose, and do a quick mirror check.

"Are you looking for boogers?" my blond daughter asked.  "Because I would always tell you if you had one sticking out so people don't see it again."

Do my kids pick this up by osmosis, or what?  Or maybe... maybe they read SpouseBUZZ behind my back. 

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