"Jealous Wives Threaten Military Spouse Over Calendar"


Their headline, not mine. A couple of weeks ago, I received a press advisory about an Army wife/model who is selling a sexy calendar to help "boost troop morale." Her name is Alessandra Bosco and she is  beautiful.

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Well, it seems that Alessandra and her soldier husband are having a rough go of it out in Germany. I've received some email about this and given that Alessandra's story is now in the news, I decided, somewhat grudgingly, to post about it.

There are so many angles here that are worth considering and probing. I'm very interested in reading your thoughts about this. Unfortunately, I'm knee-deep in segregating stuff for the movers so I'll simply post the story and come back later to add my two cents....

An Army spouse says her attempt to boost troops' morale with a sexy, military-themed calendar has made her a target of threats, abuse and vandalism that she blames on jealous wives.

Alessandra Bosco, who's married to Sgt. 1st Class Edward McCoy of the Katterbach-based 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, is selling a 2009 calendar that includes 12 photographs of her wearing a mixture of lingerie and military items.

The 32-year-old Italian has been a bikini model for 10 years and says she never had a problem with Army spouses before she came to Katterbach last year. But since then she has been the target of gossip, hurtful looks and negative comments from wives waiting at home while their husbands serve with the aviation unit in Iraq, she said.

"As soon as they found out that I liked to take pictures it was a problem. It's a lot worse since the calendar," she said.

The other wives, some married to high-ranking soldiers based in Katterbach, want her removed from the community, Bosco said.

"I'm a symbol that makes them feel self-conscious if they are overweight or don't have a job that brings them in the spotlight," she said.


Katterbach, where the somewhat-austere U.S. facilities are sandwiched into a cramped mess of rusty old German buildings, does not, at first sight, appear to be the natural environment for the glamorous lifestyle that Bosco aspires to. During an interview last week at the post exchange, she stood out from the shoppers in T-shirts and jeans in her tight black blouse.

Her husband, who stands well over 6 feet with a physique that suggests long hours in the gym, also cuts a memorable figure.

The veteran of deployments to Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa, who works as the 12th CAB operations sergeant major, said Army leaders have told him his wife is a disgrace.

"I've never been in this situation but I've been told my career is on the line," he said. "I'm probably going to be relocated because my wife is a disruption to the community and it is affecting wives' morale and they can't have that in [the 12th CAB] rear detachment at this point."

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