It was just like Disney!!!


I confess.  I love grocery stores.  It's all about the thrill of the hunt to find the latest new product/taste sensation.  Lancelot is mystified by this quirk of mine.

Whole Foods (Paycheck)?  They have the best sandwich line in the world. 

Trader Joe's?  Ahem...Two Buck Chuck?  The California stores have the best bread and the neatest little plants that would fit on my window sill.

But the best, most Disney like grocery store has to be......Wegmans!!!!!!!  One finally opened up near my house on Sunday.  I held off going for 3 whole days but yesterday, I couldn't fight the urge anymore. 

I think I teared up a bit as I walked to the entrance.  I was about to enter the promised land.

Stepping inside, I was greeted by smiling employees.  In two seconds, I had a Wegmans card thanks to yet another smiling employee.

And then....OH MOMMY!!!!!! 

There was a bakery area with a brick oven for baking delicious breads, muffins and bagels.  There was a separate PASTRY area, an unbelievable cheese area, a sushi bar where they would make sushi to order, an actual butcher shop AND the most beautiful seafood counter I have ever drooled in front of.

Their take away counter was the most unbelievable   Cedar plank grilled salmon with pepper sauce, zuchinni and corn cakes, crab cakes (I loves me a good crab cake), ribs, beautiful potato pancakes, an even more beautiful asian cucumber/tomato salad and....oh I could go on and on and on.  Wegmans even has a kosher take away counter.

Almost utter and complete Nirvana.  Almost.

The downside was that everyone else in a 30 mile radius had succumbed to the same urge to visit the promised land   It was crowded and and it was crowded with the people who drive me the most crazy: the impolite, it's all about me, get out of my way cart pushers.  Light Twin had to perform an intervention and get me out of there before I hauled off and punched the "lady" who came this close to running over my foot multiple times in a 3 minute period without even acknowledging that I a)existed and b)was standing right in front of her.

I did manage to get my zuchinni and corn cakes though.  Life is good.

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