Is Today Monday?


Occasionally we all have 'one of those days' - don't we?

Today was that type of day for me. A day that I wanted to pretend never happened. A day where I just wanted to go back to bed, sleep it off and start anew tomorrow.  It felt like a Monday.

I was suppose to be at a ceremony this morning by 0845. I woke up very late and only had an hour to do all that I needed to do and get out the door. Not good for someone who is NOT a morning person and needs a minimum of 2 hours and 4 cups of coffee to function properly and sanely.

I jumped into the shower and the phone rang. My babysitter canceled. Kids now have to go with me, as it is not an option for me to not attend and my back up babysitter (my neighbor) is thankfully basking in the glow of her husband returning from deployment the day prior.  I certainly can't ask her. Thankfully kids were welcomed with the invitation. UGH. I jumped out of the shower, woke the kids and threw some clothing for them into the dryer to de-wrinkle.

Fed the dogs, let the dogs out, chased the dogs down while still in my robe because one of them ran off after a bird and the others followed. Kids were finally up after I returned from my morning run with the dogs, so I yelled for them to eat a cereal bar, get dressed, wash faces and brush teeth. I should have told them to eat, brush teeth, wash faces, then get dressed. Oh well. They must go to the ceremony with toothpaste on their shirts. I get dressed and ask everyone to crate the dogs and get into the car, we are running late. I get into the car and realize that while I actually got dressed and am no longer wearing my robe, I forgot to change shoes. I was wearing a brown dress and blue speedo flip flops. Nice. Run back into the house and change shoes.

We get the ceremony location and finally find a parking place. While we are hiking walking (for what seemed like a mile) I reminded the kids to act appropriately and use good manners. We arrive, my RSVP apparently never made it to the correct person, we aren't on the list. I promise I did RSVP and included the kids in the headcount - just in case. We do get seats in the, 'you came, great, but you must not have RSVP'd' section. Oh well. Once seated I realize that I didn't speak to someone that I should have, so I run back down the bleachers. Good, that is done. When I return to my seat I realize that my oldest child is having an allergy attack. His eyes are red and puffy, his nose is running and he is coughing. Great.

We sit through the hour long ceremony, kids behave well, but my poor oldest - he coughed through the entire ceremony. The video that the cute young lady in front of us was taking should end up great. 'Ladies and cough, cough, cough. Welcome to, sneeze all over mommy and the lady with the camera. We recognize our honored guests, cough, cough, sneeze, cough.' You get the idea. If we hadn't been seated so high up and so far to the left, I would have high tailed in out of there quicker than I arrived. Many would have appreciated it, I know.

The ceremony finally ended. The strap and button on my dress went flying as I stood up to leave. I have no idea if it hit someone or not - I forgot to put my contacts in and I couldn't see. Needless to say, I did not go through the reception line - I drug the kids out of there as quickly as I could. What a lovely morning.

I get home to a house that is already 85 degrees inside and climbing. AC is obviously broken. I am on hold for 13 minutes with maintenance and get told they might not be able to come until tomorrow. Ants are crawling all over my counter again and the pest people cannot come until Friday. I get a call that the house we were hoping to move into off post was just sold and we are out of luck. Is it Monday?

I decided that the best thing that I could do was feed the kids, have them relax and allow me to take a quick nap. It helped.

AC didn't have to wait until tomorrow after all, but the ants lives are spared until Friday. In a few minutes we are off to soccer camp for my child that is not having an allergy attack - at least not yet.

I also just realized that I only shaved one of my legs during my morning shower - but I did apparently shave my underarms.  Thank goodness.

Tomorrow will surely be a new and better day. I am trying to have a positive attitude and believe that it will be much, much better.

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