In Limbo


My family has been living in limbo (or what I like to refer to as "hotel hell") for the last ten days and I'm sure we are not alone as PCS season is in full swing.  Luckily, mostly for my children, we are in the home stretch of this move.  One more day confined to just two rooms with my four children could be hazardous to their health!  At this point, the pool is a lifesaver.

Thankfully, our household goods will be delivered in the morning and we will be on our way to normalcy.  Well, at least as normal as things get for our family...  The two things I'm looking forward to the most are sleeping in my own bed again and being able to send the kiddos to their rooms when I'm tired of hearing them complain, whine, or fight. 

What do you find yourself missing, or looking forward to, the most when you're in limbo?

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