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I have tried to post a bit about "the move" of 2008 a bit here at SpouseBuzz. However, between being swamped, and having nothing nice to say (recalling what my Momma said about if you do not have anything nice to say), and no internet connection....well I am a bit behind.

Here goes.

I have in my 17 years of marriage been an active duty wife, a civilian wife, an ADSW wife, a Federal Technician wife, and for the greater part of that a National Guard Spouse. And no I do not run around in my social circles calling myself any of those things, but it will make sense to you military wives.

My Husband's last position had lasted 8 years in one place. I will say it was bliss not moving for 8 years. Because this last move, WOW. Harder than I could have imagined. You wives that PCS often, well if I wore a hat, I would take it off in honor of you.

I tried this last move DITY, all while DH was already transferred. Let me add I have a 4 and 6 year old. I thought a DITY would be a great money saver.....OK stop your laughing, and gawfawing, lesson learned, and I will not be doing it again any time soon. It proved to be a time, money, and energy sucker, and will never be done AGAIN. EVER.

Not moving in 8 years meant, I was out of practice, it also meant accumulation of "crap". Sorting, took longer than I would have guessed, as did everything else.. Once again to my nomadic Sisters and Brothers, my imaginary hat is off to you.

WE also had the luxury of moving to an area of our choice. Lucky AGAIN. So we moved to an area we had lived before, we know the city, the schools, the economy, and the layout. We LOVE our new locale. Once again, lucky. However, I will tell you since we have no intention of moving for 10 plus years picking a home was tough. Realtors and the Jedi mind tricks, the current economy, just made it hard. With the price of gas locale was a consideration, and well I wanted the BEST public school I could find. Add that to the fact that I swore I did not want to move until The Collective were in high school. It meant REALLY looking for a livable home for us that would hold value, and would be a good investment for our family, not to mention I really wanted a "home".

Once again I am going to call us lucky again. As we are in an area we know people and have family, so there was not that "hurry up" most of you have to do. Most active duty families do not have the luxury of dragging feet while staying with family etc.

So frankly, I needed to stop in and tell you how much I ADMIRE ALL of you for doing what you do, with grace, style, and ease. You have my families admiration. You really do.

Happy PCS to all of you.

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