I Won?

The twins and I were driving back from paradise (aka Wegmans) and we had the following conversation although I don't remember how we got on the topic...

Dark Twin:  Mom, you and Dad taught us how to be problem solving, independent thinking adults.  You have no idea what the residents in my dorm are like.  They are so not prepared for life. 

Me:  (speechless)

Light Twin:  Yeah, Mom, I was pretty horrified by my last two roommates and their inability to live in the adult world.  I felt like I was the caregiver.  Is that what you felt like with us as kids?

Me:  (speechless)

Mark it on your calendar...I had no words....

For all of you who think your kids might not like you when they grow up, they will.  They just won't realize it or appreciate you right away.  Our milspouse lifestyle, with all of it's ups and downs, can teach our kids how to function.  . 

Amazing, huh?  I guess the song is right...teach your children well.

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