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Andi is staying at my house tonight.  I'm located between point A and point B on her PCS itinerary, so I'm having her as a houseguest tonight.

I was tidying the bathroom when all of a sudden, I remembered this post of hers:

I love to keep a nice little basket of things in my guest bath for overnight guests. If you stay overnight with me and forgot a toiletry, there is no need to fret. No need at all. I've got just about anything you might need all in your very own private grab bag of toiletries. Soap (in many manly and not-so-manly varieties), razors, shaving creme, toothbrushes, night cream, bath bombs, towelettes, dental floss, curling iron, mints (yes, mints) bubble bath... You name it, it's there.

Oh.  Crap.

I don't have anything like that.  I don't really have anything for her.  Then my mind flashes back to when I stayed at AirForceWife's house and she had set out little travel toiletries and chocolates for me.


I start scouring under the sink for anything cutesy I could set out for Andi.  Not good.

Here's what I came up with:a travel toothpastea little tube of sunscreenGold Bond medicated creama hotel shampooa hotel shower capBurt's Bees wild lettuce tonerthat little hairspray we got at SpouseBUZZ Live

Geez.  I hope Andi likes laughing.  Welcome to my craptastic house!

I have a half-eaten candy bar in the fridge; maybe I could put that on her pillow...

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