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Okay, I'm running a little late this morning.  Between swim team practice, the kids that are still sick, and an emergency hair appointment... You know how it goes.

This week's pitfall... SICK KIDS!

I only made it to the gym twice this week, but those visits counted.  I can honestly say that the ability to dump my kids off for two hours a day has made a huge difference in my motivations.  I don't rock out on the exercise equipment; like the dork that I am I find myself listening to downloaded versions of the talk radio shows I miss during live show times.  It gets me worked up better than music!

Oh, and exercise machine of the week?  THE TREADCLIMBER!!  That thing burns calories like no one's business! 

What saved my diet this week?  It's fresh cherry, peach, and strawberry season!  Nothing, absolutely NOTHING on earth tastes better than fresh, in season fruit.  Forget that chocolate cream pie - I have peaches!

Nikki will be proud of me, don't you think? 

And the new exercise I will be trying next week?  The abdominal hold, which I can do at the gym without retching.  Honestly, keeping up with ab work has been nearly impossible for me, because I don't want to lie down on that nasty floor! 

Okay, so sound of Fit Club peeps!  What new exercise are you willing to try next week?  What food saves your diet?

And don't forget - Nikki herself from Nikki Fitness will be joining us on SpouseBUZZ Radio at 9 pm Eastern on July 17.  You DON'T want to miss it, and you ABSOLUTELY want to call in!  Find out what's plateauing your workout and get some great sports bra ideas (you know I had to throw that in there).

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