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How did you do this week?  Because my butt was back in gear!!!

I have a hodge-podge of stuff for you this week, so bear with me after the jump!

Only a 1 pound loss this week, but I'm feeling tons better, for some reason.  I think it's because my waist is finally nicely discernible.  As in - I HAVE A WAIST!!  And I noticed something else that was awesome - underneath the flab, my arms are getting quite toned!  Now to just get rid of that flab...

I started the gym this week, and an hour and a half of time without kids screaming, fighting, snarling, or yelling, "MOM!  HE TOUCHED ME!" is heaven.  I think that is why I'm not skipping workouts.

And have I mentioned that I love the treadclimber?  Because I love the treadclimber.  It burns calories like nobody's business.

For those of you designing your own workouts - Fitness Magazine's website has an excellent resource - a build your own workout video function!  Put your best and favorite moves to work for you! 

And speaking of favorite exercise moves, I'd love to hear everyone's most sure-fire exercise this week.  What always works for you?  I can always count on walking lunges to give me fast results in my thighs and butt, and they make me feel in shape even when I'm not because I can do a lot and I can do them well.

We have another Fit Club treat scheduled, too!  On July 17 Nikki from Nikki Fitness will be joining us once again on SpouseBUZZ radio!  We'll be talking about how to keep up a fitness routine while on the move - perfect timing for PCS Season!  As always, we welcome call ins - so now is your chance to ask a fitness professional that nagging question about your butt or about your sports bra.

Hope to see you there! 

Now, sound off, Fit Club members!  How did you do this week?  And what is your favorite exercise?

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