Deployment Tantrums


Hi, I'm Erin Rages and I throw tantrums in public when my husband is deployed.

I was on day four of a search for the perfect interview outfit. Withtime running out and my infant son's patience dwindling, I picked adress, tried it on and (satisfied that it didn't accentuate my midsection or lack of a tan) was at the register within 15 minutes.

As I stood behind a man exchanging approximately 63 pairs of pants(with the wrong receipt - talk about drama at JC Penney), I attemptedto keep Tucker occupied. He wasn't falling for it; he kept on screaming.

Another woman walked up behind me, although we were both off to theside. When the man with the annoying pants situation was referred tothe manager, the cashier looked up at the lady behind me in line andsaid, "I can help you now." The lady actually walked up to the registerlike she was next. I was dumbfounded.

When my husband (known in the blogosphere as Scout) is home, I'm byno means immune to rude people. The difference is that when I shoot himthe You've Got to be Kidding Me look, he slips his hand around mywaste, pulls me close, and kisses my forehead, as if to say, "It's notthat big of a deal." And then when we get in the car, he'll let me rantand rave the whole way home about how rude some people can be.

Well, Scout wasn't here on that fateful day. So my mouth opened, andit was too late to stop the words from leaving it. I can't evenremember exactly what I said, but I made it clear that I was next in line and unhappy about being blatantly cut in front of. The cashier and the customer both looked atme like I was a crazy person. As I walked away in anger to findanother register, I accidentally ran the stroller into a gondola,knocking over whatever it was displaying. Now embarrassed, I hurriedlymade my escape, but not before I heard them talking about how insanesome people are.

What bad behavior does deployment or TDY cause in you?

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