Army Wives: Season Two


Only one week from tonight, the second season of Army Wives will get underway. Below is a taste of what we can expect to see next week (and much more after the jump):

A much more extensive clip can be found here. It runs about four minutes. Looks intense....If you missed any (or all) episodes from last season, you can watch them by clicking here.

A reminder that Katherine Fugate, creator and executive producer of Army Wives will join us this Thursday at 9:00 pm EDT on SBTR for an encore appearance. She'll be taking your phone calls, so get your questions ready.

Meanwhile, there's this:

Season two opens with the powerful conclusion to the cliffhanger from the first season finale.  In the premiere episode, the Army wives struggle with the aftermath of the bombing at the Hump Bar.  Claudia Joy accompanies her daughter Amanda to her freshman year at college and helps her settle in on campus.  While her family is trying to come to terms with the events that took place during the bombing, Claudia Joy strives to remain strong for all of those around her.  Roxy, traumatized from the bombing, is desperate to talk to Trevor after his deployment.  Still adjusting to life as a soldier's wife and fearing the worst, Roxy refuses to leave the house until she hears of his whereabouts.  Pamela is frustrated with her husband Chase's secretive career in Delta Force and his inability to communicate while on his missions.  With Chase away most of the time, Pamela feels vulnerable and uses her radio show as an outlet to express her emotions.  Roland, surprised by Joan's pregnancy, reevaluates their relationship while recovering from the injuries he sustained during the blast.  With Joan's career responsibilities growing she struggles with her decision to terminate the pregnancy.  Roland, who has always had a strong desire to become a father, hopes this will turn their relationship around.  Denise, continuing to focus on her career as a nurse, returns to work immediately.  After realizing that she has lost a part of herself in her role as a military wife, Denise is focused on becoming more independent.  As all these events unfold, Claudia Joy, Roxy, Pamela, Roland and Denise remain committed to their friendship while continuing to face the challenges that being an Army wife brings.

Let the drama begin.....

Anyone up for a special edition SpouseBUZZ Pajama Party just after episode one ends next week? If so, let me know.

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