Army Wives Season 2, Episode 4


I usually am not the one to do the recaps and so this won't resemble what  Andi does.

Since we don't have one up this evening, thought I'd take the opportunity and open the discussion.

It was nice to see Michael's perspective on losing Amanda.  We've seen him reaching out to Claudia Joy, compensating with Emmalyn and now we've seen his internal conflict.  Honestly, this storyline needs to go away now.

Loved Denise's conflict about the motorcycle and her spouse for the simple reason that it breaks stereotypes/caricatures about what "officers' wives" do and don't do.  Officers' wives don't have rank.  Their husbands do and, if they are active duty themselves, so do they.  Otherwise, we're all just wives.  That's important to keep in mind.  For all of us.

Roland and Joan are dealing with the changes that pregnancy presents.  I honestly never thought about it from the pregnant servicemember's perspective.  Never thought ill of anyone who was active duty and pregnant but also never thought about what might be running through their minds.  I love that they are getting along so well and adjusting to the hormones.  This is a great storyline.

Trevor getting wounded was an interesting story and it looks like it will carry over for several episodes. So be it.  It looks like it won't be pretty, clean, neat or clear cut but this military life isn't either.  Reintegration is not quick and being wounded and trying to reintegrate shouldn't be presented that way either.  It's not.

The Hump Bar being resurrected looks to be pretty good.  Evoking emotions of traumatic events and the need for reality (paychecks, whatnot) we're in for a battle.   

Good entertainment all round.  What say you?

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