Army Wives Season Two Premiere: Discussion Thread


The Army Wives are back. Katherine mentioned that the premiere would be riveting, and she was right, especially the last two minutes. We'll resume our weekly Army Wives discussion threads here at SpouseBUZZ. You'll be able to weigh in right here every Monday. We look forward to reading your reaction to each episode. Our season one discussion threads were interesting, partly because of the varied reactions to each episode.

So, let's get started....

Might as well begin with the shocker - Amanda is dead. Did you see that coming? It looks like Claudia Joy will be tested like she's never been tested before. A bit of a role reversal for her, she's generally the nurturer, and now shes the one who needs to be taken care of. The previews for next week's episode gave us a hint of how difficult this will be for her.

Roxy is going through her first deployment and she's about to learn a lesson fast. Deployment = uncertainty. Luckily, she has friends there to remind her that she can't dwell on that uncertainty. Life goes on. It has to. It appears that through Roxy, viewers will see the roller-coaster ride that is deployment. Ups and downs, highs and lows. Roxy, like all milspouses, will need to figure out how to deal with the uncertainty in a healthy manner. Easier said than done, but, as Pamela told her, "You have to keep it together Rox, otherwise you'll regret it."

Roxy's obsession with watching the news is an interesting topic. Some of us stay glued to the television, and others find it's too upsetting or distracting to watch. Which category do you fall in? When my husband deployed, two incidents occurred near his area not long after he deployed. I was at work when both occurred and had whipped myself into a frenzy imagining the worst. I finally decided that I couldn't spend an entire deployment paralyzed and I canceled my alert for that particular region.

Roxy was guided by Denise and Pamela, spouses who have dealt with deployment before, understood Roxy's behavior and knew what she needed to hear. Roxy just wanted to know that her husband was safe. I'm sure she'll eventually learn that the only time she will know with certainty that Trevor is safe is when she's on the phone, IM or webcam with him. Once a phone call or IM session ends, the big black hole returns until the next call or ping. I think "worry" tends to bubble just beneath the surface for a lot of milspouses and learning how to keep it beneath the surface can be a challenge. As Denise told Roxy, "We don't worry about things that haven't happened yet." Well, most of the time, anyway....

My husband has never left a DVD, but he has left little notes stuffed around the house for me to find after he leaves. Somehow, they always seemed to be found just when I needed them most. But then again, is there a bad time to find a love note from your spouse when he's deployed? We both leave notes for one another. On the night before he leaves, I usually go down to my husband's packed bags and stuff notes and cards in every nook and crannie I can find. I enjoyed the DVD scene because I remembered how comforting it was to find something left by my husband for me. I didn't enjoy the scene where Roxy finds Trevor's shirt. It hit me in the gut because you know how I feel about the post-deployment laundry.....

Roland apologized to Joan for the affair and later Joan stated, in clear terms, that she wants their marriage to work. Anyone care to take a stab at where the Joan/Roland storyline is heading? Of all the relationships between the Army Wives, Joan and Roland's relationship has always been the hardest to predict.

Pamela, who is struggling with guilt because she let Marilyn go without intervening, left us with the line of the night, and the lesson of the night:

Line of the night - The ride must be worth the price of admission.

Lesson of the night - Now is the time to tell those you love that you love them. Always great advice.

Now that the premiere is behind us, I'm looking forward to the twists and turns that await us this season. I'm anxious to see how the characters develop and adapt to the changes in their lives. Should be a fun ride.....

What did you think of the season two premiere?

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