All Five Senses


There are those little things we do during deployment to try to maintain connection with our beloved spouse, to keep ahold of them in all five of our senses.  We keep photos so we can see them.  I've read here before about people who keep a worn shirt to try to hang on to their spouse's smell.  I'm afraid there's not much we can do about taste or touch, though if you have ideas, I'm open to hearing them!  And sound...

I realized today that I have four messages saved on my answering machine.  I replay them, just to hear my husband's voice saying, "Hey, I guess you're not there; I'll try your cell."  I kept one message he had left on my cell, and imagine my disappointment two weeks later when the cell phone didn't give me a choice of whether I wanted to save the message forever.  It played once more and then was gone.  Sniff.

I'm not the only one who saves these messages, am I?  And what other little things do you do to satisfy your five senses' cravings?

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