Actually, It Doesn't Sound Crazy at All ....


I was reading through the comments on other posts this morning and found this comment from "New to the Army":

I am having a real hard time with the emotional roller coaster of deployments.  Our first deployment was 18 months long.  My husband was scheduled to deploy again after our recent PCS.  Plans changed 4 days before he was supposed to catch a plane to Iraq and now he is at home.  Don't get me wrong I would much rather him be here than over there.  I spent 6 weeks getting emotionally prepared for him to leave.  I became that independant mom again.  I guess I am having a hard time reconnecting with him because of another deployment around the corner.  Is there anyone out there that can relate or am I just plain crazy????  I need help with my perspective. 

Someone else takes a ride on the emotional roller-coaster....

Nah, you're not "plain crazy." Sarah touched on this very point not too long ago. It often seems that the one thing we can count on in military life is uncertainty. Departures and arrivals constantly shift, and so do emotions. You prepare for the good-bye and then it's postponed, or moved up. A new reality to contend with.

It's tough and we all deal with this situation differently, but what New to the Army is going through is perfectly normal, and happens all too often.

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