We've Known Each Other That Long...


As the week hurtles toward Saturday and my law school graduation ceremony, I am taking stock of the past two years and thought it might be fun if you did too...

AFW and I realized while we were sitting on her living room couch that she's now known me long enough to see me start something huge like this and finish it.

When I thought about it, I could see that SpouseBuzz has afforded me lots of opportunities to meet other milspouses who have passed major milestones in their lives.  I've observed quite a few deployments from beginning to almost end.  I've watched as babies come into homes full of love (and secretly wished I lived closer so I could hold them!).  I've witnessed people begin their milspouse journey from scratch as well as learned from those more seasoned than I.  And, we've even shared some sad times--like the passing of some of our favorite furry friends.

The good thing about a place like SpouseBuzz is that the cycle of experience is unending and ongoing.  Just as I'm ending this journey through school and figuring out what I'll be doing next, I look around and see that many of my fellow authors are embarking on big, new adventures that I can experience vicariously.  I know readers, at any time, can be in the same boat as any of the authors or other readers.

Thanks so much for being a part of the memories I will attach to this part of my life. 

Why not take a minute in comments to give a shout out to someone or something that SpouseBuzz has brought into your life and attached to your memories?

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