USAA Responds, and Other Fun Stuff

Just wanted to post a quick update to this comment left by sweetest sass on a post that She of the Sea published a few days ago. I ran this by John Hancock of USAA and here is his response:

Please let your readers/followers know that USAA is working on putting together a program to assist military families when they find themselves in these situations.  Many of us have been there ourselves.  We're expecting to introduce some new features in our property coverage later this summer and I'm positive military families and individuals will be glad to know we've heard the cry.

And speaking of USAA, I have to take a moment to thank them for giving me the opportunity to ride in a fighter jet last week.


It was the thrill of a lifetime! I can't even begin to describe how amazing it was. My one fear -- that I would throw up and humilate myself, therefore shaming Army wives in front of a Naval aviator -- didn't materialize. I'm working on getting video up, there have been some technical challenges, but I hope to have video and photos of the voyage up very soon. Thanks USAA!

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