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Many returning injured service members are asking questions about TBI - about resultant memory loss and seeking practical tips for dealing with the life issues.  I recently received an email from a friend whose husband was severely injured in Iraq.  He is now showing one of the signs of TBI - memory loss.  She asked me if I had any suggestions for dealing with this.  I don't have any experience in this area, but I bet some of you do.  Can you help her?

Hey Everyone-

Well I think it's official! We are going nuts over here!

I think that over the past few weeks we have determined that DH must have suffered some sort of brain injury, and actually I am not joking. His memory has been really bad, and not the "guy bad" it's been tough because on some points I am not sure if he wasn't paying attention or whatever...you know how that goes with your husband, you just think he is being a guy. DH agrees that he has been having a hard time concentrating and remembering simple things. Well there is really no sense in having him evaluated for a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) because really it won't matter, he has the highest rating in the VA, so it won't do anything for us really, I think we are just going to work on his memory at home and work on taking notes on his computer so that he can remember things more easily. I think we might try and figure out how he can do voice notes somehow, I haven't figured that out yet, his phone doesn't do it, and when we are out he doesn't use his PDA, but for a while when I would say "can you remind me later about...." He started calling my phone and leaving me voicemails. Like everything else we will figure it out in time.

Anyway, as always we are open to suggestions to anyone that has had memory issues. (just remember that he can't push buttons...)

I've spent time trying to research this on the net.  Oddly enough, it's not easy to find simple tips to help someone.  Keep in mind that her husband is a quadriplegic, which makes it more difficult for him. Everyone wants to feel in control of their life. So, do any of you have any helpful ideas I can pass on to her and others dealing with memory loss?  Please include ideas for service members who don't need to consider voice activated alternatives?  I'll pass on any tips you send! Thanks!

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