The Men Behind the Women Behind the Men


I got a special treat on Sunday, I got to see LAW. As much as I adore LAW, and I have met her before, that's not the treat I'm talking about. No, my treat was meeting her husband, the man I've read and heard about for probably two years now through blog entries and comments. I told him that we just love his wife. I think he's pretty fond of her, too.

At various other events, I've been able to meet the husbands of Sarah, Butterfly Wife, She of the Sea, Stephanie, Love My Tanker, Guard Wife, airforcewife and Semper Fi Wife.

I've already had several spouses tell me they are bringing their husbands to one of the three SpouseBUZZ LIVE events we'll be hosting this fall:

Norfolk - September 6

San Antonio - October 18

Seattle/Tacoma - November 15

I was happy to see so many husbands at our last SpouseBUZZ LIVE event. In fact, one of them got up and addressed the crowd. He said he was comforted to see such an incredible support network on the homefront. Ironically, I ran into his wife a couple of weeks ago at a milspouse function and I told her I was thrilled that she had brought her husband. I think it's enlightening for our husbands to hear about the range of emotions we experience while they're away, as well as the collective strength of the milspouse community. So, if you're planning to come to an event, by all means, bring your spouse. He's welcome, too. We'd love to meet the man behind the woman behind the man! Or, if you're a male spouse, we'd love to meet the woman behind the man behind the woman.

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