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A few weeks ago when most of the SpouseBUZZ crew came to my house, the lovely and talented Sarah made a rather astute observation about my decor (pieced together from various duty stations and deployments).

"Your house," she said, "looks like a Middle Eastern Applebees."

With one of those sudden realizations where everything falls in place, it all made sense.  She was right!  No wonder I often find myself craving a loaded burger and some seasoned fries as I sit with Air Force Guy watching TV at night!

Evidence after the jump...

I'm going to go ahead and admit here that I don't have what one would conventionally call "taste".  I like bold and bright colors, and I love to display those collections Semper Fi Wife talked about.

The result is something that looks like this:House_bookcasePlease ignore the filth and that border - it's a rental house and I did NOT put it there!

That's one wall of our house, anyway.  We have matrioshkas and a Soviet propaganda poster (AFG was born in what was then Leningrad).  There's a resin mounted scorpion from Afghanistan and a mosque alarm clock AFG bought in Qattar.  Oh - and a snow globe from the UN.  Also, one of our two propaganda sheets that a friend of ours brought home from Beirut just for us! 

The dining room wall is along the same theme...House_wallThe Welsh flag, some wooden shoes, another Soviet poster, a picture of Thule AB...  All places we've been or someone we knew went and thought of us while there.

And our latest addition - which I am looking forward to putting up in the PERFECT place (I think on the wall over the fireplace) - some Hawaiian stone turtles sent to me by Homefront Six precisely to add to our Applebees decor! 

I actually squealed in glee when I opened the box from Hawaii - the turtles are PERFECT, and were immediately precious to me!  My SpouseBUZZ family certainly knows me well!  I can't wait to get them up and start telling visitors how they got here.

I don't know, though.  I was looking at the walls the other day, and I think I'm missing a few things to bring it all together.  I already have a burqa on another wall, and a rosary from Ireland.  Also an old ad from Mexico.  Oh - and the Japanese flag my grandfather took after Guam was captured in World War II.  And you saw the mosque alarm clock from Qattar!  What could possibly top a green mosque alarm clock?

I can't figure it out.  Maybe we need some things from Australia and Africa...

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