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As you know, SpouseBUZZ doesn't do politics. Our lane is the milspouse support lane and we stay comfortably between the yellow lines. However, it is election season and since the war is a huge issue, some of you will no doubt be following politics with great interest this year. For those of you who are, let me offer a few resources:

Military.com has it's 2008 Election Center up and running, and it's a wealth of information. You can read about the positions of the candidates, keep track of issues of relevance to the military community and you can even participate in an online debate by posing questions directly to Senators Obama and McCain. Click here to find out more.

I'm also very proud of the fact that military.com chose two military spouses as authors of their Daily Election Center Blog. Carissa Picard of Military Spouses for Change and our own airforcewife are blogging about election issues that affect military personnel and their families. Both women are intelligent, passionate and brilliant writers. I'm proud to see their strength and smarts on display in such a wonderful forum. Nice to have a little "girl power" over there. Milspouse girl power, at that!

So that's it, the one and only political post you're likely to ever see here at SpouseBUZZ. Now, back to doing what we do here....

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