One-Way Communication


The other day, I wrote about the silver linings to deployment.  On the flip side, I've already come up with what I think is perhaps the worst thing about deployment: one-way communication.

When something really, really good or really, really bad happens, I hate that I can't get in touch with my husband to let him know.  And of course those things always seem to happen when there's a lull in our communication.  Several years ago, my grandmother passed away while my husband was at NTC.  I had no way of contacting him and telling him that I needed him.  I didn't hear from him until three days later, which meant that I had to deal with all of my emotions on my own, far from family since I was in Germany.  It was torture not to be able to reach him at such a sad time.

Right now I am dealing with the same feeling, though on the opposite side of the coin.  I have something really amazing and exciting to tell him, but I just have to keep waiting until he calls me.

I hate that I can't pick up a phone and share big life events with him.

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