Where is Home Sweet Home, and Why?


I've heard a lot of commentary over the years about the factors that go into the decision-making process used by military families when they're trying to decide whether to live on post/base or off post/base. Given the waiting lists at some installations, the decision is occasionally made for us. Where to live is a huge decision, and getting it right is important. Some families prefer to be on post for the support system, convenience and safety, and some prefer to distance themselves from the fishbowl aspects of living on post.   

Recently, I was talking with a friend of mine who is about to PCS. Her husband will deploy to Iraq immediately after they report in. My friend preferred to be on post for the support system, and other reasons, but initially it didn't look as if they would get post housing upon their arrival at the new duty station, although now it looks more likely that they will. This discussion left me wondering, should families of deploying personnel be given priority on the housing list? Seems reasonable to me, but I have no idea how the list is prioritized. Help me out here....

Where's your Home Sweet Home, on post or off post, and why? If you've sampled both lifestyles, which did you prefer, and why?

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