Note to Self: The 9x13 Is Not Your Friend


One bad thing about a deployed husband and having no kids?  I have eaten the same chicken casserole for the past eight meals in a row.  I love the stuff, but dang.  It's hard enough to cook for two, but it's ridiculous to cook for one.

And my husband thinks his life is Groundhog Day.

You know, we hear this all the time, that our spouses are living Groundhog Day while deployed.  But sometimes our side of the coin runs pretty similarly.  Every evening so far since my husband left, I have eaten dinner (the same casserole), taken the dog for a walk, put the dog in the house, watered the flowers, watched a little TV, read a chapter of my book, and gone to bed.  Every night.

Our deployed loved ones don't have a monopoly on monotony!

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