Kindness DOES matter


Recently had a flight down to Dallas, TX onSouthwest Airlines. Which I have to saywas an experience...it's more like riding a bus. You get on and people get off at various stops, at which time you arefree to move about the cabin and change seats before the next group of riderscomes on....the same thing happens at the next stop. I kinda liked the system and will definitelyfly them again! However, I digress.

 It was during one of the stops (out of St. Louis - not to point the finger at anyone city) that I learned the importance of the small things - a smile, a thankyou - and the impressions we leave with others.

I was moving seats when I heard the seamstresses talkingabout the recent deplaning. They weresaying how they'd never want to move to St.  Louis, because no one who deplaned there was everhappy. They never smiled, said thankyou, met their eyes - or any of the simple pleasantries that show they aregenuinely happy to be getting off the plane - after the bumpy flight and landing,I figured they were just airsick. Afterall, some of fondest memories are of St. Louis trips. ILOVE this city!

 You can bet that when I deplaned in Dallas, I was all about the smiling, sayingthank you, wishing well, can't wait to come again. I'm sure they are all wondering if I'mrunning for political office! But Iwanted them to feel appreciated.

 It goes back to remembering to be grateful and to showappreciation, even if it's just for someone doing their job. Your behavior can have a positive (ornegative) impact on others. So, smile atlots of people today - they'll feel like they forgot something and should knowyour name - really throws them off! Saya sincere thankful to the bagger at the commissary, look them in the eye! Make a difference!  Really make them wonder - say thank you and be polite to the poor kid sitting behind the counter at the gas station!

Have you ever had an experience where the positive (or negative) actions of another impacted you - regardless of how the other person might not have realized they were making an impact?

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