It's Not Too Late! Two More Days!


Air Force Family had a BLAST at the VA Ren Faire!  If you are in the area this weekend, go on whichever day you aren't attending Rolling Thunder (we're attending Rolling Thunder tomorrow - so stand by for even more pictures).

Here's one picture to get you started off, and a better description after the jump.  And don't forget!  In honor of their service, military are free this weekend at the Faire!  Free, and treated like gold by the organizers, too.  I can't urge you enough to go have fun there, and show some support in thanks to them.


I'm not even going to start on the traffic.  Let's just say that it was the first Saturday of a three day weekend and we were trying to get out of the DC metro area.  Along with about 7 million of our closest friends headed to the Outer Banks.

We left at 8:30 and got to Spotsylvania at 12:30.  But it was seriously worth it.

We showed our ID cards and got free tickets, and just to show how serious the Ren Faire's organizers were about making sure military got that benefit - they double checked our tickets when we presented them at the gate.  The sweet lady who gave us  a map and learning sheets for those of our children who were literate said that she had already sent a few people back for refunds.  That's devotion! 

After four hours in the car, we wanted some food, and we wanted it BAD.  I was absolutely enamored with a booth that sold these Irish skewers - peat barbecued meat, a cheese covered potato, and a smoked hot dog all on a stick.  I can honestly say that I've never heard something sound so good in all my life.  And to top it all off - the proprietor sprayed the thing with a bottle of whiskey that had a spritzer stuck in it! 

Unfortunately, after about half an hour in line, the line still hadn't moved and I decided that a turkey leg would fill me up better than a promise of the most amazing food on the planet.

As you can see, it was a big turkey leg.Jakob_gnawing_turkey_leg As you can also see, I didn't get to eat much of it.

The costumed actors at the Faire were simply and totally amazing.  They interacted with the crowd more than I'd ever seen at any other Faire we've been to, and my kids ate every second up.

For instance, there was the wonderful barrister who helped daughter #3 bring her case against her brother in the Court of Love.Sian_and_counsel The same barrister graciously helped my son defend himself against #3's accusation that he refused to escort her out!Jakob_and_counsel_1 The two younger kids were also able to get dubbed by the Queen!Jakob_getting_dubbedAs a knight...Sian_getting_dubbed And a Dame!

And they were dubbed by Queen Elizabeth herself and given beautiful certificates to take home - signed by the Queen!

And did I mention the park was crawling with people using Camelbacks and wearing unit t-shirts?

If you are anywhere near the area, I can't urge you enough to make a point to attend.   It's amazingly well done, well staffed, super clean, and even without the military free days - absolutely affordable for a family to attend and even eat there! 

I'm so glad we went!

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