From the Mailbag: Cutting the Umbilical Cord


Funny that Sarah mentioned this just last week.

An email from a reader:

I'm heading into our first war deployment.  Many of the other spouses in our FRG are first timers, too, and it seems that we are all having some similar struggles with our husbands.  We are about two months out, and while I have read a lot about anticipatory grief and all those other things that the spouses go through, I haven't seen much about the psychology and/or emotions that our servicemembers experience during this time.  Have other spouses found that their servicemembers have shorter tempers?  I'm not talking about major marital crises, but more petty arguments and disagreements over things that are usually easy to skim over?  Do we all sort of need some detachment before the deployment so that it's not such a blow when they leave?


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