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Thank you all so much for the continuing support and counseling patiences because...


I am down a further 3.5 pounds in the last week!  Yes, I do understand that a 1 - 2 pound a week lost is most healthy, and I'm not quite sure how I managed to lose that much weight in one week.  It is not something I was striving for, I assure you. 

But according to my fancy-schmancy sale, that is what the result is!  3.5 pounds and an appreciable loss in body fat to go with it!  Not to mention a sudden drop in measurements.

AND -- I've had to sew bits of elastic in the sides of a pair of shorts that are falling off my butt! 


Here's what I'm doing:  South Beach diet (I had to get my cravings under control and switch myself back to healthy eating for my body type, which is supremely sensitive to carbs), of which I am in week two.  I was doing an hour of interval training on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with straight cardio on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I recently switched to another interval program and have so much muscle fatigue after the workout that I'm only doing 40 minutes on MWF right now.  I do plan to work my way back up.

You can see my workout schedule on my Spark Page.

I also continue to be drawn to kickboxing workouts.  I'm not sure why, but I think there's something there to help my frustration levels.  All that kicking and hitting, maybe. 

Also, it is getting HOT and HUMID here.  Yuck.  Next week I will be joining the gym that was the result of my Great Gym Search 2008.  Trust me, I will tell you all about it.  It was more than a little strange.

In addition to getting access to special workout equipment and classes (and climate control) - the childcare at the gym allows me some "me" time, and at a cheaper price than putting all my kids in daycare, too.  It's something to consider for those not finding the motivation to workout regularly, if you have children!  Two sanity saving hours allowed per workout day... 

Update, Fit Club!  How are you all doing?

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