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Dear Magic Scale Fairy:

I don't like you.  Please do your job.

Love, AFW

This week has been interesting...

First of all, I finally broke down and bought a scale, and not just any scale, either.  I bought the Super Deluxe Bells and Whistles scale.  The scale I bought not only weighs you, but it figures your body fat percentage, it figures your hydration level, and it figures your bone density.

I want every advantage I can get!  I figure if I can point to the fact that I have somewhat greater than average bone density, it takes something away from that GODZILLA weight the scale normally presents me with.  So, I figure I should be able to subtract the water and subtract the bones.  Honestly, I think I should be able to subtract the boobs, too, but I'm not quite sure how to do that yet.

I put the scale in my closet (because I don't want any clothing fouling up that weight, either) and got up the courage to step on it yesterday.

I figured that I would have at least a 10 pound drop from my last known weight.  After all - my pants are fitting loose enough that I can actually take them off without unbuttoning them!  Can't fit in the next size yet, but that's an accomplishment, right?

Four pounds.  Yep, that's all.  FOUR pounds.  If I were giving myself a dollar a pound of weight loss, that wouldn't even be out of the singles yet!  SHEESH!

Talk about disenheartening.  I woke up this morning and thought, "Well, hell!  I should just have the waffles then!" 

But I didn't.  I've been following South Beach Diet (which has worked really well for me in the past) and I'm sticking to it! 

I hate the scale, though.

I'd like to know how you all measure progress - sound off and let me know in the comments!  Is the scale a good friend, or your worst enemy when trying to lose weight and get in shape?  How do you know when your program is working?

Also, don't forget to check out my Spark Page,  and consider joining Spark People yourself.  They have great recipes, great ideas, and some great workouts to comb through!

UPDATE!  I've got awesome pictures of Nikki from Nikki Fitness working with military spouses at Ft. Sill!  It's great to see people working for and with us!Nikki_at_ft_sill_event

She is beautiful, isn't she?Action_shot_nikki_ft_sillAnd here's an action shot.  Wouldn't it be great fun to get together for a Nikki class sometime?

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