Ever thought about your change of command?


We've all had some great opportunities to attend one of the rights of passage for many people in uniform, the Change of Command.  Even though that is a specific event and denotes UCMJ authority, we've all seen the passing of the flag, the hand-over of the baton, ... the passing of the brain-book, from the out-going to the in-coming.  Shop level, platoon level, company or squadron, and higher.  Some with flair, some over a cup of hot coffee.  Always though, it's the transfer of "I tried to do my best" to the "it's now your turn to try your best, to better it yet still."

Okay -- the mental image is set.  You with me?

Recently, I had yet again the chance to watch the passing of a the baton, this time at a retirement ceremony.  But this one got me thinking.

The gentleman that was retiring, wasn't old and he wasn't gray.  He was very smart, and adept and well liked, and people listened when he talked.  He was a leader.  But it was time for him to say Thanks, and move on and move over.  He spoke of all the things that he'd gotten to do because everyone in his family had sacrificed for him and his chosen profession.  They'd moved more times then they could count, the kids had made and given-up more friends then the average kid will ever make, and the wife was happy and content and working and envious that her husband was able to retire.  She still had a few years to go as she'd not been able to start work as soon as him as well, she'd seen to the family, first.

As he spoke about what each of his family had sacrificed for him; to allow him to follow his "wannabe's" they'd given up their own "wannabe's" ... they had been the supporting cast to the supported ... they had made sacrifices to allow him not to have to do the same ... and now, he was passing them the baton.

Great Scot!  This was a change of command ... in the family! 

Have you thought about this?  When your Mil-member is ready to say "thanks", are you ready to grab the baton and start the chase of your "wannabe's" ... are you going to be ready to be the supported one ... are you ready to let the sacrifices be made on your behalf, so you can chase ever so quickly, your desires?

Have you thought about your change of command?  When the roles shift, you've got to have a plan and you've got to be ready to "take your turn to try and make whatever you wish, the best it can be."  Don't know where to start?  Then venture back through Military.Com/Spouse; there's much there that will put you on the right planning path.  Now, be ready.  Plan ahead -- and talk it over with your spouse.  No surprises.  Make this change of command as smooth and successful as any you've seen.  Over & Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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