I confess.  I am a collector of stuff.

I used to collect Cats Meow pieces but (I think) they're in a box in the basement.  I haven't seen them for years.

Currently, I have several collections.

Refrigerator magnets.  The cheesier the better in my opinion.  The jewels of my collection are the glow in the dark Mt. Rushmore magnet and the windmill magnet from Holland that actually spins.  I DID say cheesy.

When I lived in Egypt, I collected perfume bottles from this very guy.  They are in my china hutch so I don't have to dust them.

I also like Willow Tree angels.  I love to give them as gifts but I tend to "gift" myself with them too.

What things do you like to collect?  Do you have an interesting way of displaying your collection? 

Inquiring minds want to know but Lancelot is in the corner...quietly weeping.

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