"America's Favorite Mom" Will be Crowned Tonight


A reminder to watch NBC tonight at 7:00 EDT to see Donny and Marie Osmond crown America's Favorite Mom. There are three Military Moms vying for the title.

If one of these three moms win the title, here's how they plan to spend the prize money:

Patti Patton-Bader 

Patton Bader wants America's soldiers to be the big winners. "I plan on using everything to help heroes. Everything," she says, referring to the wide variety of prizes she could receive if she is lucky enough to win. "It is a true honor to stand with these fourteen outstanding moms," she adds.

Melinda Gintilas

If Melinda wins, Adam said, they plan to donate part of the prize to Walter Reed Army Medical Center and spend $10,000 or so buying groceries for families at the Fort Carson post exchange.

Rosanna Vasquez-Brown

I can't find an article that states how Rosanna plans to spend the money, but click here to watch her moving video.

All mom's are special, and I hope all of you are having a wonderful Mother's Day, but I'm biased and I'd love to see a Military Mom win! Good luck to all of you.

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