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Join Guard Wife and I tonight at 9 EST at  SpouseBuzz Talk Radio! 

Top of the 9pm hour, we will be joined by fellow military Spouse Tiffany Booher, who authored the book Spouses Also Serve.  We will be discussing her book, and we will also be discussing how one becomes published, the process of writing, and how her idea came to fruition. 

The second half of the show, Reid Stanley will join us.   Reid is not only a member of the armed services, but is a fellow blogger.  He is joining us to discuss the Avon walk for cancer for his wife Ellicia, who passed  away 408 days ago, after a long battle with breast cancer.  Reid now finds himself in an unusual position at such a young age, as a single working parent, and widow.  I have a lot of questions for Reid, as I have been a reader of his blog for quite some time...

Join us.   

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