The Universal Military Rewards Card


My wallet literally exploded yesterday, and it wasn't because I have wads of money in it either, trust me. No, it's because everywhere I move, I accumulate new reward/bonus cards, something that every grocery store, drug store, movie theater, novelty shop, etc. seems to require these days in order for you to get discounted rates on items, or to receive special "perks." I should be the most rewarded individual on the planet given the number of "reward" cards I've racked up over the years.

This morning I woke up to find my wallet walking the picket line. It had evicted the cards inside, refused to do its job until some relief was rendered and sent its version of an SOS, hoping someone would get involved in the "free Andi's wallet" movement.


Sheesh. What's next, healthcare coverage for wallets? Lawsuits?

Several months ago, I weeded out very old and/or expired cards which I haven't used in years, and didn't anticipate using in the future. I shredded some, and rubber-banded others, but last month when my husband and I took a trip to recon our new duty station, I noticed that two of the cards I shredded would be needed in our new area. Sigh.

It's really not a huge deal, but honestly, how many of these cards can I accumulate over time? And although I'm unhappy with my striking wallet, how many of these cards can I expect it to hold?

The way I see it, one of two things should happen here. Wallet makers need to make their wallet pouches a bit deeper, or, some industrious entrepreneur could come up with a universal military bonus card that would follow us around from post to post and enable us to use it at any retail establishment. Can you imagine having just one card that works everywhere? Bliss. My wallet would be most grateful! Plus, it would save me the embarrassment of rifling through 40 cards every time I purchase something. Usually the card I need can be found at the bottom of the pile..... 

Well, gotta go. I hear chants of "we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore." I think my wallet has now banded together with other wallets in the area and they're staging a huge protest. And if you wake up in the morning to find your wallet on strike, I do apologize for my activist wallet whipping up trouble.

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