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This week I was confronted with my worst diet and exercise enemy. 

Like many military spouses, I suffer from incurable insomnia.  No matter how hard I try to relax and just drift away, I just can't seem to do it.  I'll lie there and stare at the ceiling, or read myself into oblivion for hours trying to get some rest.

I've even tried depriving myself of sleep for a couple days to try and get myself "in the habit" of drifting off.  It has never worked.  I'm just tired and cranky while I'm sleep-deprived.

Another issue that comes when I've had a string of insomnia filled nights with early morning wake-ups... snacking.  If it's made of sugar, I want to stuff it in my mouth.  And Lord knows I can't handle any real sugar - it makes me sick as a dog.  But I also have no willpower left when I'm exhausted.

I was good - I exercised every day this week!  But I also did not get enough sleep and when it started raining and hailing yesterday, I knew I was in trouble.  Before I had been a little tired.  As soon as I heard the rain and hail, my body was barely staying awake - and I still had to haul one kid to Girl Scouts, all the kids to CCD, and do a radio show!

I'm sure you can see this disaster in the making.  I succumbed.  After all, they were soft and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  I mean, wouldn't you?  Could you not?

I ate the chocolate chip cookies yesterday.  Several of them.  Then I spent all last night sick as a dog, and I overslept this morning when I was supposed to drop Ike off at PetSmart for his wellness evaluation (yes, my dog belongs to a pet HMO).

On the bright side, the oversleeping means I'm caught up on my sleep and not dying of exhaustion anymore!  Also, just looking at the cookies on the table this morning made me feel kind of gross.  I'm hoping that I'm done with them forever after that bout of unpleasantness last night.

What is your worst diet and exercise enemy?

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