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You know, we haven't talked routines in a while! 

I've already made a vow to get my toosh back on a good eating plan (Pizza - why do you hate me so?  You follow me around and beckon to me everywhere!), so we'll just pretend like this last week in my eating history never happened. 

Hear that thighs?  It never happened!  No expanding!

Our talk with InFITnity's founder a few months ago really helped me to figure out what was causing at least one of my workout ruts - I truly do get bored doing "regular" workouts.  He suggested circuit training,  and I've been able to stick with those workouts for three months!

I'm telling you - world  record for me.  I get usually get bored and go back to couch sitting.

So - currently my workout routine is going like this:

On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays I'm doing 1/2 hour of Nikki Fitness (GREAT circuit training!  I've seen such amazing results in the last month!), 10 minutes of Latin dance, 10 minutes of boxing, and 10 minutes of yoga.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I tone it down and do 30 t0 40 minutes of ballet training or something equally low key.  Or, I make it low key, anyway!  Those ballet workouts can be TOUGH! 

I also have a tendency to sit out an occasional Tuesday or Thursday - it makes me feel like I'm not a slave to my workouts.

Weekends our family loves to take long sightseeing walks - so I get moving that way.

Finally - I'd LOVE to point SpouseBUZZers to a great resource - the website for Fitness Magazine!  They have tons of free exercise demos - you can build your own workout! 

And guess what's in this week's issue... The benefits of circuit training! 

I'm looking for ideas, people!  Tell me about your workout routines!  How are they going?  How do they work?  What do you recommend?

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