Something New to Add to the Job Description List


A while ago Air Force Guy ever so sweetly sat down with me and made a "true life resume". 

I was feeling kind of down - you know how that happens when your most immediate fulfilling goal is getting the laundry put away before more laundry is created (still haven't mastered that).  Usually I don't get into those ruts, but every so often I throw a bit of a hermit pity party.

So, AFG decided to list all my "actual" job skills versus what I actually put on my resume.  Trust me, doing this every so often is a great mental boost.  Whoda thought that even though I barely scraped by in every math class I ever took, I'm a Chief Financial Officer and in charge of budgeting! 

Today, though, I realized we had left one of my "acquired by force" skills off the list -- referee.

I think every family has one of those children.  You know what I mean, the one that seems to get a kick out of picking at various mental scabs and smiling - utterly fulfilled - when the kid they are picking at completely loses their mind.

That is my second daughter.  Every single day, at some time or another, I will hear outraged shrieks coming from either the basement, the front yard, or the upstairs bedroom.  Often the outraged shrieks turn into the sound of pummeling and things falling to the floor.  I will say I learned some child decor lessons long ago, though, and there are very few occasions where the sound of shattering commences sometime in the ruckus.

I try to ignore it - sometimes turning the TV up a few notches, and sometimes looking desperately for my earbuds as I decide I absolutely need to watch a fascinating YouTube post about cats getting spanked .  Eventually, though, the ear blistering yells escalate to the point where I have to actually go intervene.  Again.

And all because the #2 kid loves to get picky pecky and agitate the other kids.

So my mind kicks into that mil-spouse ingenuity mode and I'm wondering - do you think 550 cord and/or 100 MPH tape might be able to solve this little issue? 

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