Role Reversal: A Soldier Fighting a Different Kind of Battle


Military spouses are usually the ones left worrying that we could lose our spouses. But sometimes, the roles are reversed and it's the service member who loses his or her spouse. Last week, AWTM and Guard Wife spoke with Reid Stanley, a soldier who lost his wife to cancer. I encourage you to listen to the interview (it begins approximately 24 minutes into the program, so you can fast forward to the 24 minute mark). A good reminder to do regular breast self-exams and schedule a mammogram, if necessary. Reid Stanley's blog site can be found here.

Reid's steadfast devotion to his wife, and his effort to keep her memory alive, is impressive. So too is his desire to fight for all women who are victims of breast cancer. I know Ellicia would be proud. Reid hopes to participate in Avon's Walk for Breast Cancer in memory of Ellicia. In order to participate in the walk, Reid needs to raise $1,800. SpouseBUZZ readers have been very generous so far. Thank you! Reid is very close to his goal - he's 87% there! But he needs an additional $230 to push him over the top. If you can spare $5, or even $1, please consider making a donation, which you can do by clicking here. You can make an anonymous donation.

Thanks to Guard Wife and AWTM for bringing our attention to Reid's efforts.

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