Pimp Your Stuff: March Edition


We've had some really cool stuff submitted for this edition of Pimp Your Stuff, so let's get started...

Love this:

I work in Design at EtchStar.com.  We customize iPods, cell phones, laptop computers and Moleskine notebooks with corporate logos and art. As a prominent military blogger I thought you may be interested in some of the stuff we've been doing, as I'm sure that many of your readers who are family and friends of those serving would love to show their support. Check out some of the designs we've engraved onto customized iPods and Moleskine notebooks using logos and art from the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, FBI, CIA and more.

I've attached a few examples, if you want to see all the military-related art we can use to personalize products, click here:


Please email us at help@etchstar.com or visit www.etchstar.com to learn more.  You can also call us at 323.651.3824.

Below is a photo of the US Army iPod customization. Nice!


Child Safety.

Thanks for your contribution. Please pass this on to families with children. www.childalertsystem.com (Saferkidz) I found them on the AUSA site, and they are offering a 50% discount for all military families! We bought the program, and while it takes some time to fill it all out...its a great thing to have..there is even a palce in their program specifically for military info.

oops...forgot to tell you how to get the discount.. use the code HEROS.

This ended up in my junk mail, and I saw it too late, but wanted to post it anyway.

Hi Andi,

TriWest produced a music video for the band Five For Fighting that we posted on their Web site whatkindofworlddoyouwant.com. For every video watched, TriWest is contributing $1 to Operation Homefront. We are trying to get to 30,000 views of this video in the next month. If you support our cause, could you please help us reach our goal by posting the video on the SpouseBuzz blog or forwarding on to others as well. Thank you!

Video below:

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Someone sent this link for me to pimp:

You should check it out. Great stuff. Take your time and poke around a bit.

Fun with care packages:

As a new military wife I've found it difficult to get information all in one place for fun and interesting care packages.  So, I've done a little research myself and have started compiling ideas on a blog http://carepackagefun.blogspot.com so that I can hopefully share my ideas and the ideas of others from one place!  I would love to be in the "pimp your stuff" blog coming up so that I can get more attention and ideas.  I hope to reach as many people as possible to provide fun ideas rather than only basics like don't forget those customs forms.  Thanks.Nicole


From a Vietnam Veteran:

Hi Andi, Great job, I will be at Walter Reed the week before Memorial Day to bestow the beautiful Warriors Medal of Valor to the wounded troops, I designed this medal for the American Indian Nations to pay honor to all veterans and military personnel. Hope to see you there if you are in. Please view our medal at: www.restoringhonor.com thank You Marshall Tall Eagle.

Love when other generations of warriors seek to take care of our generation!

Education and $$$:

Salt Lake City, Utah - (March 11, 2008)  Western Governors University (www.wgu.edu), the non-profit online university created by 19 U.S. governors, is making further strides in serving military members and their families. WGU's commitment to the Troops to Teachers and Spouses to Teachers programs continues with its offering of supplemental scholarships of $1,500 for both programs. In addition, WGU is now offering Spouses to Graduates scholarships of $1,500 to help spouses of active duty military personnel earn a degree online in business, education, healthcare, or information technology.

This recent expansion of the WGU Spouses to Graduates scholarship (www.wgu.edu/militaryspouses) widens the opportunities for military spouses beyond only teacher education into three additional fields that will allow spouses a variety of future career choices.

Because of these efforts, Western Governors University was recently named one of the Top 30 Military-Friendly Schools by Military Advanced Education Magazine. (December 2007). This honor recognizes WGU's commitment to access and diversity of educational opportunities for both service members and their families.

And while we're on the subject:

Military MBA is an education and resource network for military officers and NCOs who are interested in obtaining and applying their MBA graduate degree for career advancement. The organization also works with employers who want to recruit and retain military leaders with MBA degrees. More information is available by visiting www.militarymba.net or by calling (435) 649-2190.

To apply for Military MBA's Merit Scholarships and access other awards available via the Scholarship Hub go to www.militarymba.net/scholarships.html


Just wanted to tell you that the website is up for my book -- http://www.mrslieutenant.com -- and I've got a section titled "Support Military Families" with info on organizations that help military personnel and their families. I've also been posting about military topics -- you can click through to the posts from the home page of my website.

A new blog:

Hello ma'am, I hope you don't mind but I mentioned Spousebuzz on my blog. The site is www.workingtowardservice.blogspot.com.

Nah, we don't mind at all, and good luck on your journey!

And remember, if you want to pimp your stuff, or someone else's stuff, just send an email with "Pimp Your Stuff" in the subject line and we'll do the pimping each month.

Note: Some email that comes into SpouseBUZZ without the Pimp Your Stuff subject line may be included in these posts if we feel it would be well suited.

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